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Process and Rates


Contact me at to talk about creating an index for your book. If you’re ready to request a quote, send me the following:  

  • Your book's topic and intended audience
  • Word count or estimated number of pages 
  • Timeframe: when page proofs will be available and when the index is due to the press
  • A sample chapter from the middle of the book

If I have space to take on the job, I will review the chapter, ask any needed questions, and provide you with a quote. If you accept the quote, I will send you an indexing agreement confirming what we've discussed.  

Once I have the page proofs and your publisher’s style guidelines, I will begin work. I may contact you during the indexing with questions or issues that come up. 

When I send you the completed index, I will provide recommendations for how to review it. You will have time to request any changes.  

You may also find JoAnne Burek's How to Get an Index for Your Book (pdf) and the American Indexing Society's Working With Freelance Indexers helpful.  


I charge $3.50-7.00 per indexable page of text (depending on complexity and density), rates competitive with the industry standard. I will provide a quote after reviewing a sample chapter. 

You can view a sample of my work here.